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New Technology for a New Architecture

The ReFrame Application Service Grid - runs a whole new type of application - Elastic Applications - applications that, from their very nature, can adapt to the changing size, shape, needs, and wants of your business.  Applications that can  quickly, easily, and safely distribute, scale and evolve.

ReFrame's Elastic Applications - provide unparalleled ability to accommodate change. ReFrame uses HingePoint's own ActivArchitecture™, a unique combination of: Message-based architecture, and HingePoint-developed LiveObject™ Technology, Object Services™, and the ReFrame Exception Handler.

LiveObject Technology - ReFrame Objects are "LiveObjects" that developers can enable to act, communicate and calculate. Data in ReFrame is intelligent, malleable, fully under developer control. In fact, the process is actually an emergent behavior of the data. 

ObjectServices - LiveObject Technology enables any object, record, or index, even a single field within a particular record, to act as a service. ObjectServices are typically implemented at quite granular levels. This granularity makes ReFrame ObjectServices easily understood and therefore easily modified to accommodate business changes. 

Exception Handler - ReFrame's Exception Handler speeds development by reducing the time spent handling exceptions.  Exceptions encountered in ReFrame applications are automatically captured, stored in the ReFrame Exception Handler.  Normal operation resumes without the end user confronting alarming and often incomprehensible error messages.   

Message-based Architecture - ReFrame's message-based architecture coupled with LiveObject Technology enables highly flexible process distribution. A process initially developed on one machine can easily be distributed across many others. This combination of message-based architecture and LiveObject Technology also speeds refactoring and supports Rich Internet Applications (RIA - AJAX, Flex and Laszlo).

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.


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