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Exception Handler

Part of the ReFrame Application Service Grid

Thirty to fifty percent of development time goes into handling exceptions - the process of making sure the application does not do what it is not supposed to do.  Exception handling begins with extensive planning just to identify potential exceptions, even obscure ones, before work begins.

Freedom to Change, Faster to Change

ReFrame was invented to make it faster, easier, and safer,  to change your computer systems and applications to accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.

The ReFrame Exception Handler is key to that flexibility and freedom.  The ReFrame Exception Handler brings important benefits:

  • Improved application reliability - ReFrame applications fail gracefully when they encounter exceptions.  Any exceptions are sent to the Exception Handler where they can be resolved manually or programmatically - after which their processing resumes. Only the specific activity that caused the exception is affected, all other activity proceeds normally.
  • Low risk changes - because the ReFrame Exception Handler catches exceptions rather than allowing them to disrupt your business, changes are safer and thus come on line far faster.
  • Reduced development time - minimal need to define, program, test and debug for marginal exceptions.
  • The Exception Handler coupled with the fast regression testing enabled by the granularity of ReFrame's objects makes changes faster by reducing QA time.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.


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