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Message-Based Architecture

Part of the ReFrame Application Service Grid

ReFrame Objects interact with each other across the ReFrame Application Service Grid by sending messages.  When a ReFrame Object "has something to say," such as changing the value of a variable, it sends the object containing that variable a message requesting the change. The receiving object evaluates the request and, if appropriate, executes it.

Zero Configuration Networking

The ReFrame Application Service Grid uses Zero Configuration Networking to enable ReFrame Objects to discover and route messages to each other.

Industry Standard Messages

ReFrame Objects communicate with each other using industry standard TCP/IP and XML.

Message-Based Architecture Benefits

The message-based architecture of the ReFrame Application Service Grid provides:

  • Distribution/Decentralization - applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid can be distributed across many individual machines.

  • Scalability - the message-based architecture combined with zero-configuration networking technology enables nearly effortless scaling. 

  • Changeability - applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid can be modified quickly, easily and safely because of highly granular structure and the ReFrame Exception Engine.

  • Progressive Development - ReFrame's message-based architecture coupled with its ObjectServices enables enhancements to be produced in tight, iterative cycles that quickly deliver business value.

  • Flexibility - ReFrame applications can be re-factored, including architectural changes, with minimal time impact and without major disruption to the application. 

  • Security - ReFrame's highly granular nature allows setting security at any level, even for a single field in a particular record. Should the application merit it, each and every field could have a unique security protocol for identification, authentication and access control.

The ReFrame Application Service Grid produces systems that are inherently distributable and scalable by using a message-based architecture along with HingePoint's own Live Object Technology, Object Services and the ReFrame Exception Engine. 

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.

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