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LiveObject Technology

Part of the ReFrame Application Service Grid

ReFrame Objects are live, they have agency, they can calculate and make decisions, they are aware of their environment. LiveObjects act, react, and communicate with each other, and with legacy applications, on the ReFrame Application Service Grid.

LiveObject Technology

Each ReFrame Object consists of fields which contain data and/or rules.  ReFrame objects are able to be "live" in three respects: 

  • Able to calculate and/or act based on an internal rule,

  • Aware of, and able to respond to, their environment, aware of time, receiving data from other objects or external systems,

  • Initiating communication, sending alerts, issuing queries.

ReFrame's LiveObjects are light weight and easily distributed. This attribute combined with the message-based architecture allows applications built for the ReFrame Application Service Grid to be distributed across multiple computers to enable scaling, load balancing, security, and data integrity. 


Rules and data can be co-resident in a single field of a ReFrame LiveObject. Behavior can be delegated as far down in the overall process as required. 

LiveObject Benefits

Entirely new types of applications can be created when the objects are LiveObjects:

  • Each individual's personnel record can automatically notify the appropriate manager that it is annual review time.

  • Perishable products can track their own freshness dates and alert managers of impending expiration.

  • Purchase orders submitted by employees can "know" if they have not yet been approved and email reminders.

  • ObjectServices can update themselves based on changes in specified conditions.

LiveObjects make ReFrame Applications more granular, simpler to understand, easier to modify, faster to evolve to meet business needs and wants. 


ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.


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