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Telephone Billing

The Need

The manager of the office complex needs to allocate the rapidly rising telephone expenses.  There is currently no way to track who made which calls or even to assign individuals to a group for unified billing.  Implementing a manual process would be impractical, automation is needed and scalability is required.

The Challenge

The office manager needs to be able to assign individuals to extensions and then automatically track and allocate telephone expenses through the PBX.  The system must easily allow adding or removing members of a group billing account while still tracking each individual.  Automatic billing must also be included.

The system must accommodate the anticipated change to a VoIP phone system and changing billing models from the various providers in use or expected.  Significant growth is also expected in the number of users, extensions, and traffic.

The ReFrame Application Server Grid Solution

ReFrame's adapters provide a connection to the PBX that enables call detail records to be accessed.  ReFrame is used to parse and sort the records, assemble group and individual bills, and deliver the bills by email.

Scale and Change

Applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid scale easily because each service, or part of a service, can be distributed across as many computers as needed to meet performance expectations.

Increased traffic loads due to additional users or increased call volume can be addressed by adding computers to the ReFrame Application Service Grid and distributing appropriate services across them.

Changes to the accounting methods or billing procedures are easily incorporated and safely deployed because of ReFrame's highly granular structure and the ReFrame Exception Engine.  Adding a payment tracking system to "close the loop" on billing can be accommodated by adding another inherently scalable and distributable application to the ReFrame Application Service Grid.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.



"ReFrame has saved us endless hours of development time while producing business software that sets new standards for flexibility and ease of use."

VP of Engineering

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