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Network Security

The Need

Network security administrators need to make sense out of the flood of information generated by their network's security appliances and software.  Daily log files for a mid-sized enterprise can be tens of megabytes.  Alerts add even more data.  Security managers suffer from data overload in their mission critical discipline.

The Challenge

Turning raw data into useful information, actionable information, is essential to security managers.  A solution requires culling the many data streams for high-value information, identifying correlations between systems, and implementing security policies on each part of the system.

The ReFrame Application Service Grid Solution

ReFrame's user-defined adapters enable interconnection with virtually any application or appliance.  Its standard adapters enable connections with a wide range of business software such as accounting systems, email, databases, spreadsheets, and more.  ReFrame can turn the flood of data into information.  It's ability to create, manage, and deploy inherently scalable and distributable systems on the ReFrame Application Service Grid assures the ability to accommodate any level of growth or geographic distribution. 

ReFrame interconnects with and aggregates data from multiple systems, provides extensive logic and business rules to analyze the information, generates a user interface, and uses business rules to implement security policies.

Change the Size and Shape of the Business

As security systems become more complex and processing needs grow the applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid can scale and distribute to accommodate the changes. 

The applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid can also be modified as to workflow, business rules, algorithms, and in any other way needed to accommodate changing workflow and process requirements.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.



"ReFrame is truly phenomenal!"

VP of Engineering

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