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Property Insurance Claims

The Need

Insurance adjusters need to be able to move from their desk to a disaster scene with near-zero notice.  Field operations have little or no connectivity.  The company must serve the real and immediate needs of policyholders, many of whom  face great personal, financial, and logistical hurdles. 

The Challenge

The adjusters need to move from a connected desktop to an environment with slow, intermittent, or even no connectivity.  Their claims filing application must make that same transition while retaining all key functionality.  The application also needs to send properly formatted data to headquarters for each prepared claim.

Plus, the application must scale to handle emergency field deployments of even thousands of claims adjusters while assuring that every claim is treated with the care it deserves.

The ReFrame Active Service Grid Solution

ReFrame was used to create a scalable, distributable, rules-based claims filing application that operates connected or disconnected.  Each adjuster's laptop maintains a local, and fully synchronized, copy of all essential databases.  The application supports thin client or browser-based Rich Internet Application operation.  The laptop's client software, business rules, and databases are automatically updated and all claims data is downloaded on each network reconnect.

ReFrame supports both a local client user interface and a Rich Internet Interface for browser operation.  It also integrates and synchronizes with the corporate databases, finance and accounting systems, and company dashboard.

Scale, Distribute, Evolve, Change

The applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid can scale to handle any workload.  That scaling can occur in minutes, even dynamically.  The applications can also be distributed across geographies to enable field offices to operate independently.

As the company's processing methods evolve or regulatory requirements change, the applications written for the ReFrame Application Service Grid can easily, quickly, and safely be modified.

ReFrame enables you to quickly, easily, and safely accommodate the changing size and shape of your business.




"ReFrame will change the way business operates by providing an integrated view of the operation and automating key business processes."

High tech CEO

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