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About us

The Why

HingePoint was founded in 2002 with a clear intention to help people run their businesses better by making more effective use of computers.  The result of that intention is the ReFrame Application Service Grid and the inherently distributable, scalable, and evolve-able applications that run on it.  

The Who

Eric Peters, the serial entrepreneur who co-founded Avid Technology and was a very early member of Apollo Computer's landmark development team, is the founder and driving force behind HingePoint.  He also is the guardian of its vision, the vision of making it far easier to do a better job of running a business by making more effective use of computers.

The Problem to be Solved

Eric observed that, despite decades of development and extraordinary technological achievement, business computer systems remain inherently inflexible and annoyingly fragile.  Plus, most business applications are still "smokestacks" - vertical functions that communicate poorly, if at all, with the company's other important business applications and the system's users - the people who run the business.  

These characteristics of inflexibility, fragility, and poor integration/communication ability produce systems that really do not do a very good job of serving the people who run the business.  The inability of current systems to scale smoothly further illustrates the inadequacy of legacy solutions.

ReFrame Enterprise Application Creation

ReFrame changes everything about how enterprise applications are created, developed, deployed and evolved.  ReFrame delivers a key need - The Interface to Your Business.



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Change Used To Be Easy

Growing your business when the world ran on paper was easy.  To scale up you added people - simple, easy, low risk.


Changing the way your business worked was easy too.  You told your people, trained them, done! - very simple, very easy, very low risk.


Then it Became Hard

We bought computers that promised to be faster, more accurate, and lower cost.  But, we lost something - the ability to quickly, easily, safely accommodate changes in scale and process.


Scaling usually means shutting down with the promise, or is it a hope, that everything will be fine in the morning.


Changing workflow or processes cause the IT staff to wince and the bravest of executives sleepless nights wondering what might go wrong.


Now, It Can Be Easy Again

HingePoint developed ReFrame so scaling and changing your business would be as easy, as natural, as low risk, as it was in the days of paper.


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